Agro Visions

Empowering Agriculture for a Sustainable Future

Cultivating AgroTech and FoodTech Innovation from Pre-seed to Market Impact

We leverage VC fund expertise, grower capabilities, logistics and retail synergies

Cultivating AgroTech and FoodTech Innovation
from Pre-seed to Market Impact

We leverage VC fund expertise, grower capabilities, logistics and retail synergies

Israel’s fresh fruit and vegetable consumption sourced locally
Israel’s agriculture output value
Israel’s agricultural export
Bikurey Hasade logistics center serving thousands of farmers and food retailers
Trucks distributing produce to 1500 distribution points daily

The Challenge

Agriculture plays a vital role in solving some of the world’s most pressing challenges, including food security, sustainability, and climate change. 

However, meeting these challenges requires heavy investment in innovative, disruptive agriculture technologies that improve productivity and mitigate environmental impact.

Our Mission

Agro Visions aims to search, identify, and invest in emerging startups developing transformative and sustainable agriculture technologies. We are dedicated to closely working with our portfolio companies, partners, and investors to help them drive positive change while ensuring strong ROI.

With our founding general partner Bikurey Hasade, Israel’s leading distributor of fresh produce, we are able to validate product-market fit rapidly, pilot cutting-edge technologies, and conduct real-world retail testing.

Impact and Focus Areas

Agro Visions is looking to revolutionize agriculture with disruptive Israeli-based technologies.

We focus on initiatives that reinvent agriculture, food and feed production, enhancing agricultural efficiency and increasing sustainability.

  • Robots
  • Drones
  • Precise water management
  • Biotechnology
  • IoT Sensors
  • AI-powered analytics
  • Food and feed science

We continuously seek out the latest breakthroughs and emerging innovations in the ever-changing field of AgroTech.

Partnering with Forward Thinkers

Widely recognized as the “Startup Nation”, Israel is at the forefront of AgroTech and FoodTech innovation. With its close proximity to the Israeli market, Agro Visions is uniquely positioned to access a stable pipeline of investments. These promising opportunities of Israeli “outside the box” ideas have the potential to drive meaningful change in our world.

We cater to early-stage startups, investors, and VCs looking for vetted opportunities for seed and pre-seed co-investment and fund-to-fund collaborations.


Team up with a strategic partner, including Israel’s largest produce distributor Bikurey Hasade. Access funding, farmers, global players, and a wealth of experience in agriculture, retail, entrepreneurship, technology transfer, financing, and VC management.


Partner with us for insights about the Israeli startup culture, rigorous due diligence, and our exclusive deal flow and portfolio. We can be your foot on the ground and represent you on the startup board.

Fund2Fund VCs

Take advantage of our expertise and knowledge of the Israeli AgroTech / Foodtech ecosystem, latest academic research, and consistent deal flow. Spread your investments across multiple companies with our diversified portfolio.

Why Us?

Agro Visions offers a unique blend of benefits to Israeli AgroTech startups and international VCs looking for seed and pre-seed investments in Israel:


Innovative ideas stem from unmet needs. With a team of highly qualified agriculture experts, we are uniquely positioned to identify promising opportunities that can create significant value for our investors. Our technology transfer experience allows us to bridge the gap between research and industry, enabling us to leverage the latest breakthroughs in AgroTech and FoodTech, turning them into POCs, products, and profitable ventures.


With Bikurey Hasade on board, we provide direct access to farmers, farms, and food retail stores, granting you firsthand understanding of market pains and needs. This positions us as a hub, enabling startups to develop and pilot prototypes in collaboration with farmers and quickly bring new products to market for customer testing.


We have a deep understanding of key issues hindering the agriculture industry. With our extensive experience in entrepreneurship, IP management, venture creation, VC investment, and financing, we are uniquely equipped to carefully identify and nurture startups that have the potential to revolutionize sustainable agriculture.

Our Leadership

Izhak Nakar

Managing Partner

Izhak Nakar is a serial entrepreneur and venture capitalist. He is the founder and CEO of a privately held VC specializing in early-stage cyber security and other tech startups. He chairs and serves as a director in various startups and public companies. Izhak holds a BSc in Computer Science and an MBA.

Dr. Ido Schechter

Managing Partner

Ido has over 20 years of experience in agriculture and food science. Before joining Agro Visions, Ido was the CEO of Agrinnovation, a venture capital fund investing in new technologies developed in the Faculty of Agriculture, Food, and Environment at the Hebrew University, Jerusalem. Earlier, Ido served as CEO and board member of various companies, including public companies and startups. Ido holds a PhD in Agriculture.

Ilan Sheva


Ilan is the Chairman and CEO of Bikurey Hasade (Holdings) Ltd. and CEO of Bikurey Hasade Darom Agricultural Produce Marketing, the largest distributor in Israel of fresh fruits and vegetables.
He is a board member of five other companies and works closely with hundreds of farmers to understand and supply the market needs.

Prof. Haim Rabinowitch

Advisory Board

Prof. Rabinowitch is a serial entrepreneur of agricultural innovation. He is an award-winning, world-renowned expert in physiology, genetics, plant improvement, plant growth, and the production of propagating materials.

Dr. Alon Haberfeld, PhD

Advisory Board

Dr. Haberfeld is an agriculture expert with 30 years of experience in industry and academia. He holds a PhD in Genetics and Molecular Biology and an MBA in Integrated Management. Dr. Haberfeld is currently the CEO of Fair Planet, an Israeli NGO, capacitating smallholder farmers in Africa, and is a consultant to several agriculture ventures.

Micha Danziger

Advisory Board

Micha is the Chairman and former CEO of Danziger, a global leader in floriculture innovation. His business experience spans more than 40 years during which he has held key leadership positions as CEO, Co-CEO, Partner, Co-owner, Chairman, and Board Member in various agriculture organizations. Micha was also Chairman of the Grower Association of Plant Material Propagation in Israel. He holds a BSc in agriculture.



Automated varroa control for varroa-free Beekeeping.


Genetically removing toxic glycoalkaloids from potato haulm.


Precision irrigation through direct plant sensing.


Robots treating and monitoring individual greenhouse plants.


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